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“We want to reinvent the wheel as much as we can” Interview with My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket interview 2015

There’s a band out there whose palette of sounds and feelings seems inexhaustible. A band who’s been throughly exploring their sounds for the last 18 years, and still surprises with each new record. My Morning Jacket is one of those extraordinary bands that plays their own league in the contemporary music.

Their incendiary shows unanimously validate them as one of the best live acts you can see in the world today, with an unique sound that has been twisting between American roots music, psychedelia, R&B and hard rock. During their European tour presenting “The Waterfall” ([PIAS], 2015), we catch Carl Broemel and Bo Koster (guitar/ keyboard) at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. This place is holding the first edition of Lolapalooza in Europe and My Morning Jacket are playing in a few hours. We chat with them about the meaning of their music, marketing, the music industry or the band in a pretty interesting conversation.

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