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Best New Music 2014


20 horas de música y más de 300 canciones con los mejores artistas emergentes de 2014, junto a la mejor nueva música que se está haciendo en la actualidad.

Todo al alcance de un click. Que no se lo cuenten.



«Being a working band gives you a unique perspective» Interview with Celebration

Celebration Band 2014

A classic band from the Baltimore music scene. They’ve been around for more than 10 years, releasing four albums in very different situations. There was a time when they had their ups and downs with 4AD,but that’s a thing of the past. Celebration is composed of singer Katrina Ford and her husband and multi-instrumentalist, Sean Antanaitis, along with drummer David Bergander, Tony Drummond and Walker Teret.

His career hasn’t been a bed of roses. After leaving 4AD they released an album themselves, “Hello Paradise” in 2010, and now they’re back with “Albumin”, released in Bella Union. Their style is quite unique, and has been described as cabaret-punk-rock. Joining Future Islands in the European tour, we got the chance to talk to them before their show in Madrid. Sigue leyendo